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Kohala Canopy Adventure

Experience the thrill of zipping from tree-to-tree, reaching speeds up to 45 MPH while taking in the beauty of the forest canopy. UPGRADE to an affordable Private Tour and experience it exclusively with your family or small group.

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Kohala Zip & Dip

Zipline high above the forest floor, picnic on the rim of Pololu Valley & swim under private waterfall fed by a cool mountain stream.

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West Maui Vortex Venture

​A full-day guided experience to multiple West Maui energy vortices accompanied by transformational tour guide & breath worker Genevieve Ananda, the official Hawaii Vortex ambassador of Maui!

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Mana of Hana

Meet up with your guide at the Maui Dharma Center and begin your journey to the first vortex on this tour, the Sacred Gardens of Maliko where one of three known labyrinths on Maui exists.

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Volcano Vortex Hike

A part daytime, part evening experience to the Volcanoes National Park. Get up close and personal with Goddess Pele, creator of the Hawaiian Islands and the Halema'umau crater.

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Village Heist

Big Island Ghost Tours presents "Hawai'i Heist" - a series of shopping center activities perfect for many occasions. This is our "Village Heist" at the Kona Inn Shopping Village.

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UFOs over Hawaii

On this tour, we head up above the cloud cover to Mauna Kea for ultimate night sky viewing and introduce you to the unseen world of UFOs over Hawaii.

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Captain Cooked Haunted Hike

Meet up for an early morning hike down to Cook's Monument and attempt to make communication with the spirit of Captain James Cook, who was violently murdered on the shore overlooking Kealakekua Bay, the pathway of the gods.

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South Point Vortex Venture

Journey with us and explore the Big Island's strongest energy vortices as identified in the Hawaii Vortex Field Guide by author Zach Royer.

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Burials & Battlegrounds

The Burials & Battlegrounds experience takes you on an evening investigation with members of Kahuna Research Group, as you explore Kona's most haunted ancient battleground.

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Mysteries of Mauna Kea

This adventure is the culmination of many years of research into the UFO/Lemuria/Vortex phenomenon, the latest understandings of the subjects, and you're encouraged to connect the dots with us on this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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Hilo After Dark

Investigate sites of paranormal occurrences with a local guide, scoping out haunted hotels and historic sites as you hear tales of spooky sightings while following the route of the legendary Night Marchers.

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Kona Haunted Food Tour

We invite you to join us on the only haunted food tour on the Big Island! Our Kona Haunted Food Tour begins at 6:30pm at our shop located inside the historic Kona Inn Shopping Center.

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Kona Haunted Pub Crawl

All the same sites as the Kona Haunted Hele walking ghost tour mixed with a leisurely paced pub crawl through downtown Kona. Let us entertain you with ghostly and gory stories all while enjoying some drinks along the way!

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Kona Haunted Hele

One of Kona's most popular nighttime activities and rated excellent on TripAdvisor! Step into the spooky past and supernatural happenings of Kona on this evening walking tour.

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Maunakea Summit & Stars

Join us for an exciting journey through space and time. From sea level to the high alpine witness the dramatic diversity of our island's landscape.

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Volcano Unveiled

The most in-depth volcano experience on the Island of Hawaii is back! Your National Park Certified Guide will share a mix of natural and cultural history about the island’s formation.

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Kohala Waterfall Adventure

This family friendly tour features a fun off-road adventure and relaxed trail walk, dramatic views of Pololu Valley, charming foot bridges, historic taro terraces and intimate waterfalls.

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Hidden Craters Hike

Venture onto private land behind 3 locked gates to explore the upper slopes of Kona’s very own volcano – Hualalai. This journey provides intimate, unique access to the site of multiple volcanic eruptions from the 1800’s, all within a short distance.

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High Country Adventure

Explore the other worldly landscapes, unique ecosystems and endangered wildlife found only on the Big Island!

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Volcanoes, Lava Tubes & Petroglyphs

Experience two of the world’s most active volcanoes, critically endangered wildlife and the most unique geological, biological and cultural landscapes on earth.

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The Ultimate Waterfall Experience

Explore the lush rainforest on the east coast of the Big Island. From towering waterfalls to the rugged and beautiful Hamakua coastline.

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Water and Fire

Experience two of our most requested destinations on the Big Island on this must do tour! Beautiful lush rainforest, towering waterfalls, and stunning active volcanoes.

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The Big Island Full Circle

This full circle tour takes you and your group on a private adventure to some of the most spectacular and unique places on the Big Island of Hawaii.

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Whale watch and Pelagic Sea Life

Let the KIBOU take you on an aquatic adventure along the western shores of the Big Island of Hawaii. Watching beautiful wild whales.

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Sunset Manta Ray Snorkel Experience

Let the KIBOU take you on an aquatic adventure along the western shores of the Big Island of Hawaii. Go snorkeling, diving, and swimming in the Hawaiian waters where you will get up close and personal encounters with the enchanting and beautiful manta rays! Live out what The Travel Channel calls one of the "Top 10 Things to do in your lifetime"! As a bonus, view the most unbelievable sunsets as we cruise to the Manta destination.

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Historical Kona Coast Double Snorkel

Join us and learn about Hawai‘i’s rich culture, land, and marine life. We’ll grill up some lunch on board and go snorkeling in a pristine reef with exotic fish, turtles, and possibly manta rays! All of our crew are lifeguard certified, experienced, personable, and knowledgeable.

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Big Island Experience

For those of you who want it all, the Big Island Experience tour is for you! It’s all of our helicopter tours of the Big Island rolled into one, plus an active volcano!

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Magical Waterfall Tour

Follow the Big Island’s valleys west, flying over Honopue, Honokea, Honokane Iki, the historic valley of Honokane Nui or Big Valley, and Pololu Valley. Great for photography!

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Kona Coast Tour

Jump on our 30 minute Kona Coast Experience Tour and get a birds eye view of one of the most stunning landscapes in the Hawaiian Islands.

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Dolphin Swim with Ocean Activities - Waianae

ECO-Power Catamaran with Climbing Wall, Big Floating Mat, SUP and Water slide. Dolphin Swim with Ocean Activities Is Most Popular tour In Oahu.

View Tour » Iruka Waikiki »

The Big Island of Hawaii holds a magical, mystical allure for travelers and for good reason.

There are so many outstanding adventures you can have, especially when you choose some of the fascinating Kona adventure tours to take you to some of the top places. From up close encounters with beautiful manta rays to flying high over an active volcano, to the sight of lush green rain forests, adventurers love spending time on this scenic and historic island.

Manta Ray Tours are Simply Awe Inspiring

Swimming with manta rays might not be something you’ve ever thought about doing, but when you’re looking into things to do on Big Island experiences, it comes to the top of the list. When you embark on Big Island manta ray tours, you might feel a bit excited and feel heart palpitations. This is completely expected. What you’re about to do is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

From the moment you go over the edge of your boat, you’re immersed in an underwater wonderland. Manta rays come incredibly close to you as you watch them through your snorkel mask. The board you’re using is lighted, which attracts plankton, and in turn that attracts the manta rays as they search for food. Sometimes affectionately called butterflies of the sea, manta rays are gentle and gigantic. They’re fascinating to watch. On most Big Island manta ray tours, you’ll have about an hour to spend being inspired by these beautiful creatures.

Helicopter Tours of Volcano Sites

Choosing to take a helicopter tour to see the active Kilaeua volcano is a must-do venture when you’re looking over your list of Big Island attractions. Watching fiery lava or even steam rising as hot molten lava meets the cool ocean waters is fascinating and inspiring. The sheer greatness of nature is overwhelmingly beautiful to watch. There are plenty of Kona adventure tours to inspire everyone!

One thing you should do on land is to check out Volcanoes National Park and stop first at the Kilauea Visitor Center. There you’ll find all the latest information about the safest places to hike and where lava is currently flowing. Another fascinating experience is the Jaggar Museum where you’ll learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about volcanoes, how seismographs work, and you’ll even see volcanologist protective suits that are worn when scientists venture up close to the volcano.

National Parks are Entertaining and Educational

National parks are high on the list of things to do on Big Island adventures. One park to check out is the Pu’uhonua O Honaunau National Historic Park. This park is where lawbreakers were once sent to have their actions forgiven by priests. It’s also a place featuring fascinating wood carvings or “ki’i”, incredible temples and Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles.

Kealakekua Bay is recommended for snorkelers and for those who wish to see Spinner Dolphins and sea turtles. Tropical fish are mesmerizing to watch as you enjoy a snorkeling adventure in the blue-green water. People who are fascinated by history will be excited to learn that Kealakekua Bay is where explorer Captain James Cook landed and stayed until tense times developed with the locals and he was killed on the bay. Punalu’u Black Sand Beach is another amazing site to check out.

Spend a Day Exploring in Kona

One of the Big Island attractions you don’t want to miss is a visit to Kona. You’ll love browsing through quaint shops and enjoying a meal at your choice of restaurants or cafes. Kona town at one time was a getaway spot for Hawaiian royalty, and that sense of history is still reflected in the town. Visiting Mokuaikaua Church and Hulihee Palace provide fun ways to spend an afternoon. At night, you can enjoy authentic Hawaiian music and entertainment.

Near Kona you can browse in farmers markets, take a coffee tour or stop at a local brew pub. A bit south of Kona you’ll find The Kau Coffee Mill, which is a fascinating stop featuring a visitors center and a retail store where you can shop for coffee and macadamia nuts. Learn all about the ideal island geographical and weather conditions for producing Kona coffee.

A Cave Spelunking Adventure

Another adventure that is well worth taking on the Big Island is a cave and lava tube cavern exploring experience at the Kilauea Caverns of Fire. This is a trek that ranges from safe and easy to long and adventurous. This lava tube is part of the Kazamura Lava Tube system, and it is ranked among the deepest and longest lava tubes worldwide.

This is a natural wonder among geographical explorers and has been featured by National Geographic. You’ll trek through caverns seeing the different colors of lava and breathtaking formations that could have only been created by nature. No matter what Big Island attractions you choose to visit, your stay on the Big Island of Hawaii will long be remembered as a captivating, mystical adventure of a lifetime.