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Kaua'i Pro Photography Flight

Take the ultimate photo flight for the professional photographers visiting Kauai! We understand your goals, objective and desired results – so consider us your mobile tripod. Nikon, Canon, Sony and GoPro did. Your turn.

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The Kaua'i and Ohana Experience

Prepare to be swept away as you explore the rugged splendor of the Na Pali Coast, the deep colorful gorges of Waimea Canyon, magnificent Manawaiopuna (“Jurassic”) Falls, and much more!

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Some of the Top Hawaiian Island Adventures are found in Scenic Kauai

When you want a Hawaiian experience that is the perfect blending of serenity, calm waters for ocean enjoyment, and pulse-pounding adventure, Kauai is the island getaway for you. Kauai adventure tours by helicopter take you far above this spectacular, green island to see waterfalls, enjoy the Napali Coastline, and to be captivated by the Hanalei Valley and Hanalei Bay. Waimea Canyon viewed by air is a breathtaking and awe-inspiring experience. Since about 90 percent of the island is not accessible by road travel, helicopter tours are an excellent way to be sure you don’t miss a thing.

Kauai Parks Provide Nature Enjoyment

Kauai park tours let you enjoy the splendid scenery and landscape of Kauai, which is also known as the Garden Island. Kokee State Park features over 40 miles of gorgeous hiking trails! You’ll want to visit the Kokee Natural Museum while you’re there for history lessons and fascinating exhibits. If you go hiking, it’s recommended to wear good walking shoes, a light jacket, lightweight pants to protect against scratches, and a backpack to carry necessities like water and lunch. A cell phone is also a good idea.

Waimea Canyon State Park is an essential destination during your Kauai park tours. You have to see this glorious canyon that has also been called the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. The canyon is over 3,000 feet deep and nearly ten miles long. You’ll definitely want to take jaw-dropping photos of this!

Kauai Beaches are some of the Most Beautiful in the World

Sunny afternoons spent on Kauai beaches are some of the most memorable times you’ll experience in life. Whether you visit the north shore beaches like Anini Beach Park for snorkeling or Hanalei Bay Beach Park for a sunshine filled fun time with children, everyone will thoroughly enjoy taking a break for beach time! East side beaches like Lydgate Beach Park are perfect for little ones who want softer currents and soft, sandy places to play.

Another great east side beach for children and families is Kalapaki Beach. This beach is one of the favorite places to watch surfers on Kauai. Other Kauai beaches like Poipu Beach Park on the southern shore feature nice attractions like a natural wading pool, perfect for youngsters, and the sightings of monk seals that everyone will enjoy. Salt Pond Beach Park and Kekaha Beach on the west side are also great for swimming and sunbathing. Lifeguards are available at many beaches as well.

Small Towns and Museums Provide History Lessons and Fun Attractions

Those who love to get a glimpse into authentic Hawaiian life need to visit small towns like Waimea Town on the west side of the island and Hanapepe Town. Waimea Town is the place where Captain James Cook first arrived in Hawaii. It’s also a town that has been honored as a Distinctive Destination in 2006 by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Hanapepe Town is another fun small town to spend some time sightseeing. Art aficionados will especially love visiting this interesting art capital.

The museums of Kauai let you gain a deeper understanding and reverence for the customs and traditions of Kauai, and for the way Kauai was in the past. In Hanalei, you’ll want to visit the Waioli Huiia Church and Waioli Mission House. The Kokee Natural Museum is another must visit museum. It’s found in Kokee State Park north of Waimea Canyon. When you visit a 100-acre museum called the Grove Farm Homestead Museum of Lihue, you’ll gain an appreciation for the sugar plantations that helped to form the economy of Kauai. The Kauai Museum in Lihue is another fascinating place to browse artifacts and photos that show the island’s history.

Kauai is Also a Family Fun Destination

Bringing little ones to Kauai is natural since this island is famous for Kauai family fun! Friendly sandy beaches and calm waters are just two of the reasons for Kauai’s family friendly designation. Kids will also enjoy taking a ride on an old-fashioned railroad train on the Kauai Plantation Railway at the Kilohana Estate. Even the simplest activities like walking to the end of the pier at Hanalei Bay let families experience simple joys together.

A show at the Smith Family Garden Luau is a perfect way to spend bonding time and to catch authentic Hawaiian entertainment like hula shows. Lydgate State Park features an area filled with wooden play structures that will entertain little ones for hours. Kauai family fun gives families the perfect blending of excitement and relaxation for everyone to enjoy.

Kauai Adventure Tours for the Best Times

You’ll adore taking Kauai adventure tours. Whether you catch a helicopter to go whale watching or dolphin watching, or go on an exciting zip line ride, or even a casual riverboat trip to the green, magnificent Fern Grotto, you’ll make memories on your Kauai adventures. The island of Kauai is not to be missed when you’re planning your Hawaiian adventure filled getaway.