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Private Sunrise to Sunset Full Island Tour

Starting 1 hour before sunset & returning 1 hour after sunset. The go big or go home tour for photography enthusiast. Enjoy an entire day of adventuring to the island’s best locations.

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Complete Island Adventure with Waterfall

We start our day on the North Shore at the Waimea Waterfall and Garden. Starting at 7:00 AM, this new approach to a “circle island tour” will take you around the island.

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Complete Island Adventure with Sunrise

This 10-hour island tour of Oahu is your best chance to see the real side of Hawaii. Start with sunrise from Sandy Beach, you’ll visit beautiful locations to capture photos & see Hawaii.

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Honolulu Local Food Tour

The best tour does exist! And it’s in Hawaii! Our one-of-a-kind food tour gets you to try all the best foods on Oahu. Fill your bellies with the must-have local favorites.

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Sunset & Light-Painting Experience

Fun tour of Oahu’s Night’s Sky. For adventurous types and those wanting to see Hawaii in a different light. All travels are welcome to join in on the fun at night.

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Honolulu Sea-Cliff Tour with Sunset

Offered every day except Tuesday and Thursday. Capture the brilliant colors of a Hawaiian sunset and take pictures of the sun rays as they touch and graze Oahu’s beautiful coasts.

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Beautiful Colors of Hawaii Photo Tour

Our 5.5-hour photo tour is of the most spectacular colors Hawaii has to offer. Our most relaxing tour will show you the most amazing colors Hawaii has to offer.

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Honolulu Instagram & Creators Experience

Be an INFLUENCER in Hawaii!!! Our one-of-a-kind tour is what everyone is talking about. Get those epic shots of you in paradise and share them on your social media channels.

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Sunrise Tour with Malasada

Rise and shine for a fantastic experience! Capture the stunning sunrise on a pristine beach and get perked up with a tasty Leonards Malasada. Don’t miss the chance to see the sunrise in Hawaii.

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Come explore hidden waterfalls, mountain tops, or scenic bird sanctuaries on one of our hiking tours! Don’t just see the beauty – connect with it on a deeper level with us.

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Stand Up Paddle / Kayak

Kayak or paddleboard around O’ahu’s beaches, rivers, and waterways! We offer lessons and trips for first-timers and experienced paddlers, and we know all the best spots to show you!

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Half-Day Surf & Turf Adventure Tour

Only have half the day to adventure in Hawaii? Let’s squeeze as many Hawaii adventures into a half day as possible. You pick from kayak, or a paddle board cruise — we pack in the fun!

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Full-Day Adventure Hawaii Retreat

A full-day Hawaiian adventures where you can snorkel, hike, swim, paddleboard, and more! Experience an adventure in Hawaii as we take you to all the best spots on the island.

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Oahu Pro Photography Flight

Take the ultimate photo flight for the professional photographers visiting Oahu! We understand your goals, objective and desired results – so consider us your mobile tripod.

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Dolphin Watch & Reef Snorkel with Ocean Activities/ECO

Afternoon Adventure | ECO-Power Catamaran with Climbing Wall, Big Floating Mat, SUP and Water slide

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Waikiki Turtle Snorkel

Step aboard and enjoy our ocean activity & turtle snorkeling experience in front of Hawaii’s most famous beach! Our two hour guided cruise to Diamond Head and Waikiki will capture your imagination and reveal many secrets of Oahu. Cruise along the shoreline Coast all while viewing the beautiful skyline and ocean reef and crystal clear waters. Jump in and snorkel with wild sea turtles.

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The Oahu Experience VIP Private Tour

Experience one of the ultimate PRIVATE helicopter tours on Oahu in VIP luxury. Begin your adventure by flying over Waikiki’s shoreline, where the modern metropolis of Honolulu meets the white sands of Waikiki’s iconic beaches.

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Dolphin Swim with Ocean Activities - Waianae

ECO-Power Catamaran with Climbing Wall, Big Floating Mat, SUP and Water slide. Dolphin Swim with Ocean Activities Is Most Popular tour In Oahu.

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Visiting Oahu Lets you Experience True Hawaiian Adventures

Even seasoned travelers are regularly enchanted by the scenery, the warmth of the people, the warm sunshine and the hard to describe yet strong lure of Hawaii. Oahu in particular leaves visitors breathless with its stunning variety of Oahu adventure tours and all the other things to do in Oahu. With eye-popping sights and sensations like waterfalls, beautiful beaches, exotic flowers scenting the air and friendly locals, everyone finds something to love on this captivating island.

Oahu Attractions Appeal to a Wide Range of Interests

Whether you’re an outdoor person who loves surf and sporting adventures or a history buff who enjoys museums and cultural exhibits, you’ll find Oahu attractions that appeal to any muse. The best sports based attractions are Oahu surfing beaches, Lanikai kayaking, scuba diving tours, snorkeling adventures and hiking Diamond Head.

History buffs love visiting Pearl Harbour to learn about how the United States entered World War II after the sinking of the USS Arizona. The Arizona Memorial exhibits, both indoors and outdoors, provide unique glimpses into history. Attractions like the Maritime Center, Submarine Museum, Nature Center, Bishop Museum, the State Capitol, and Iolani Palace are favorites. The Missouri Memorial where the Japanese surrendered during World War II signaling the end of the war is also fascinating for history aficionados.


Oahu Points of Interest for Animal and Nature Lovers

Animal lovers enjoy attractions like the Honolulu Zoo, Sea Life Park where you can swim with dolphins, Dolphin Quest to learn about and interact further with dolphins and the Waikiki Aquarium. Nature lovers appreciate the beauty of places like Wahiawa Botanical Garden, Kahana State Park, Byodo-In Temple, Hoomaluhia Garden and Koko Crater Garden.

Oahu dolphin tours create lifetime memories, spectacular photographic moments and let you enjoy time spent among Hawaii’s Spinner and Bottlenose Dolphins. Mornings are the best time to see dolphins resting in large groups called pods off the Wai’anae Coast near leeward Oahu. Dolphin tours take you close to these playful and entertaining creatures. If you get a chance to go on Oahu Dolphin tours, it’s highly recommended and it’s one of the most beloved activities you’ll find.

Helicopter Tours and Scuba Tours

Helicopter tours provide that perfect splash of adventure and daring that makes any getaway truly memorable. Tours are available that go to volcano watching areas on the Big Island of Hawaii, or you can stay closer to Oahu and enjoy seeing the Hawaiian Islands from above. See spectacular views of green deeply carved valleys, waterfalls, lush rain forests, craters, blowholes and all the Oahu points of interest. Oahu adventure tours provide heart quickening adventure and amazing experiences that are well worth pursuing.

Scuba diving tours let you experience the stunning ocean seascape from your unique vantage point in the water. Watch as fascinating Hawaiian fish swim by including schools of multi colored Butterfly fish, Rectangular Triggerfish, Wrasse fish including the Ornate Wrasse which features phosphorescent green coloring, Moorish Idols and Angel fish. Snorkeling will also let you see amazing fish schools, along with interesting coral formations. Among fun things to do in Oahu, water centered activities are always favorites.

Oahu Surfing is some of the Best in the World

Surfers gather on Oahu’s stunning surfing beaches to experience surfing adventures found in few other places. Waves are biggest during the winter months, so this is when many surfing competitions take place. During the summer, surfers love to catch the waves on the eastern and southern shores of Oahu where they’ll find large swells that result from South Pacific storm activity.

Some of the best Oahu surfing takes place on beaches like Sunset Beach, Waikiki and Diamond Head beaches, Waimea Bay, Haleiwa’s Ali’i Beach, ‘Ehukai Beach, and on the west side of the island, Makaha Beach Park and Yokohama Bay. At Makaha Beach, you’ll find the annual not to be missed longboard surf contests. Whether you wish to take part in surfing or simply watch from the shoreline, stunning beaches provide the perfect daytime getaway.

Festivals and Cultural Sites are Other Oahu Points of Interest

Many of Oahu’s annual Aloha Festivals take place in September and they’re fascinating to attend so you can be immersed in the island culture. The Polynesian Cultural Center is another place to experience the authentic customs and foods, and to enjoy luaus and dancing displays. You can even have fun learning how to hula dance.

Visit the Dole Plantation to learn about the agricultural history of Oahu and to shop for souvenirs and sweet pineapples. Enjoy a pineapple express train tour, sample delights at the Plantation Grille, work your way through a pineapple garden maze and shop for souvenirs in the quaint gift shop. Enjoy feeding fish in the fish pond and watch free pineapple cutting demonstrations so you’ll know how to cut the pineapple you take back with you. Fun and educational Oahu attractions add an extra dimension to the already inspirational attraction of the island.