Beginning divers as well as divers with advanced scuba diving certifications can enjoy time in the deep, clear blue Pacific Ocean water on scuba diving Hawaii from Oahu adventures that are meant to get your heart pounding and to stir your soul. Diving tours are also available so you can enjoy scuba diving Hawaii from Maui and scuba diving from Big Island locales. The experiences you’ll have and the coral formations and incredible fish and ocean life that you’ll see make scuba diving in Hawaii a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Scuba diving prices can range from very basic shorter dives meant for beginners, to chartered custom tours for those who want a more exclusive scuba diving tour experience on a privately chartered boat. Whether you choose daytime dives or night-time dives, there is something magical and special about scuba diving in crystal clear, temperate Hawaiian waters. Diving instructors are certified and experienced. They are happy to be your exclusive guides while they help you to have the best diving experience possible.

Scuba Diving Tours Take you to the Best Diving Spots for the Best Hawaiian Adventure

Ocean Life you may encounter when you go Scuba Diving in Hawaii

Hawaiian waters are famous for sightings of bigger marine life including sharks, dolphins, eagle rays and manta rays. You might even see or hear Humpback Whales on your scuba diving Hawaii from Maui adventures, especially if you go diving between November and May, which is their breeding season and the time you’re most likely to see them. The fascinating and colorful underwater world opens up to you like never before when you experience it by scuba diving.

You’ll love the experience of seeing Hawaiian green sea turtles as they go about their daily lives in their underwater world, which includes an underwater canyon off the coast of Oahu. Scuba diving Hawaii in Oahu also pays off in the sightings of beautiful coral formations and smaller fish that can include colorful tropical reef fish like Butterfly fish, Bluestripe Butterfly fish, Rainbow Butterfly fish, Saddle Wrasse fish, the Ornate Wrasse fish with a fascinating phosphorescent green color, Moorish Idols, Rectangular Triggerfish and many more.

Scuba Diving at Night Adds an Entirely New Dimension to Scuba Diving

Rich oceanic adventures are waiting to be claimed by those who love to take night-time scuba diving tours. Fish especially become very active at night, when it is their feeding time. Night tours are available that include flashlights and other types of lighting for a profoundly fascinating experience.

Professional scuba diving instructors are specially trained in all the nuances of night dives so you won’t miss a moment of the wonder and joy of diving at night. Nocturnal animals that come out are fascinating to see during night dives. Many night dives begin at about 6:00 pm. There can be special dangers when it’s dark, making diving with knowledgeable professionals even more important.

Scuba Divers with Rusty Skills

If your scuba diving skills have become a bit rusty, there are courses available to bring you up-to-date on everything you need to know. Scuba diving prices are reasonable, usually in the $$, especially when you consider all you’re able to learn and experience for the price. Costs are lower when you’re not going on individually chartered tours using private boats. Privately chartered tours can run up to $850.

Instructors are patient and knowledgeable and are happy to assist you. Many dives include the assistance of professional guides as well as instructors. This island hobby has become incredibly popular with visitors as well as with locals. No matter what your skill level is, diving opportunities can be found for first time divers and other beginners to certified divers.

Wreck Diving and Deep Diving are other Fascinating Adventures

For a different take on scuba diving, you can find dives that will take you into areas of shipwrecks, wreckage of airplanes, caverns, reef dives, sea caves and other fascinating areas. You can cruise along gorgeous coral reefs. If your timing is just right, you might even have the experience of encountering eels and octopus.

The visibility you find when you take dives that are 100+ feet deep is mesmerizing and memorable. Most of these dives are accomplished during boat dives from custom boats in and around Honolulu. The aquatic landscape, especially when experienced from these deeper depths can be a fascinating, colorful and educational place.

Popular Diving Spots

Scuba diving in Hawaii can be done on Oahu in many interesting spots like Hanauma Bay, Waikiki, Waianae which is on the west side, Hawaii Kai and on the north side of the island. You’ll always have a scuba diving Hawaii from Oahu adventure beyond compare when you choose professional scuba diving tours.

Other popular scuba diving spots are found on Kauai originating from Poipu, Maui and through scuba diving Big Island adventures. Professional divers and scuba diving tours will always take you to the best diving spots to create an outstanding experience.

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Scuba Diving Hawaiian Adventures

Filter Tours:

Full-Day Adventure Hawaii Retreat

Surf | SUP | Hike | Snorkel | Kayak | Explore

View Tour » Mahina Hawaii »

Oahu Pro Photography Flight

Take the ultimate photo flight for the professional photographers visiting Oahu!

View Tour » Mauna Loa Helicopter Tours Oahu »

Whale watch and Pelagic Sea Life

Let the KIBOU take you on an aquatic adventure along the western shores of the Big Island of Hawaii. Watching beautiful wild whales.

View Tour » Iruka Kona »

Dolphin Watch & Reef Snorkel with Ocean Activities/ECO

Afternoon Adventure | ECO-Power Catamaran with Climbing Wall, Big Floating Mat, SUP and Water slide

View Tour » Iruka Waikiki »

Waikiki Turtle Snorkel

Step aboard and enjoy our ocean activity & turtle snorkeling experience in front of Hawaii’s most famous beach! Our two hour guided cruise to Diamond Head and Waikiki will capture your imagination and reveal many secrets of Oahu. Cruise along the shoreline Coast all while viewing the beautiful skyline and ocean reef and crystal clear waters. Jump in and snorkel with wild sea turtles.

View Tour » Iruka Waikiki »

Segway of Hawaii – Kaka’ako

Oahu – Kaka’ako- Glide through Magic Island and Ala Moana beach park, as well as tour through one of the most happening districts of Oahu in Kaka’ako.

View Tour » Segway of Hawaii »

Segway Of Hawaii – Kailua Kona

Big Island – Kona Town – Experience historic Kona town, one of the most historic towns in all of Hawaii.

View Tour » Segway of Hawaii »

Segway Of Hawaii – Waikiki

Oahu – Come explore Waikiki’s Kapiolani Park, Diamond Head, and the surrounding areas of the most popular district in Hawaii.

View Tour » Segway of Hawaii »

Discover Volcano Country

Travel through the remote and rugged landscape of Kau – home to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, historic farming plantations and the famous Punaluu black sand beach. Discover how the powerful forces of nature shaped the peoples and landscapes of Hawaii’s largest district.

View Tour » Hawaii Forest & Trail »

Hilo Twilight Volcano Adventure

On our Hilo Twilight Volcano Adventure, our journey will take you to enjoy in the views of world famous Rainbow Falls, descend into the depths of a private lava tube, and explore in-depth the natural wonders during the day and after dark of the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Join us, and experience the dynamic energy of Kilauea, one of the most active volcanoes in the world.

View Tour » Hawaii Forest & Trail »

Hilo Tropical Waterfalls

The rains of Hilo nurture a lush green landscape. Explore the rich heritage of Hilo and travel old Hawaii’s charming back-roads and scenic byways to visit historic landmarks, beautiful waterfalls and a family-owned tropical fruit farm.

View Tour » Hawaii Forest & Trail »

Maunakea Summit & Stars Adventure

Our journey from sea level to the nearly 14,000 foot summit of Maunakea reveals the wonders and world-class clarity of the Hawaiian night sky.

View Tour » Hawaii Forest & Trail »

Twilight Volcano Adventure

Journey through Hawaii Island’s incredible range of ecosystems and climate zones before experiencing first-hand the phenomena that makes it all possible – an erupting volcano. This in-depth experience takes you off-the-beaten path to sites unknown to most visitors.

View Tour » Hawaii Forest & Trail »

Coastline Tour

Experience the coast from a difference perspective. This scenic tour is available for 1-4 people.

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Exclusive Maunakea Sunrise Experience

Start your Hawaiian day like never before… from the top of the tallest volcano on earth. See the morning sky light up in brilliant shades of red, orange, purple and blue. Learn about the cultural and scientific significance of the mountain, as you stand among the world’s greatest collection of astronomy equipment.

View Tour » Hawaii Forest & Trail »

Epic Island Volcano Journey

If there is one comment we hear from most of our guests it is simply, “It went by so fast!” In a sense, this is true because the Island of Kauai is a very vast and diverse place.

View Tour » Hawaii Forest & Trail »

Kohala Waterfalls Adventure

Immerse yourself in stunning private waterfalls, tranquil streams, scenic coastlines and rugged valleys on this North Kohala adventure. Kick off the fun with an off-road drive to an exclusive trailhead.

View Tour » Hawaii Forest & Trail »

Kohala Zip & Dip

Spend an inspiring and exhilarating day in North Kohala, a land of stunning beauty and profound cultural significance. Zipline high above the forest floor, picnic with stunning views of the North Kohala valleys and swim under a private waterfall fed by a cool mountain stream.

View Tour » Kohala Zipline »

Sunset Manta Ray Snorkel Experience

Let the KIBOU take you on an aquatic adventure along the western shores of the Big Island of Hawaii. Go snorkeling, diving, and swimming in the Hawaiian waters where you will get up close and personal encounters with the enchanting and beautiful manta rays! Live out what The Travel Channel calls one of the "Top 10 Things to do in your lifetime"! As a bonus, view the most unbelievable sunsets as we cruise to the Manta destination.

View Tour » Iruka Kona »

Historical Kona Coast Double Snorkel

Join us and learn about Hawai‘i’s rich culture, land, and marine life. We’ll grill up some lunch on board and go snorkeling in a pristine reef with exotic fish, turtles, and possibly manta rays! All of our crew are lifeguard certified, experienced, personable, and knowledgeable.

View Tour » Iruka Kona »

Full Island VIP Tour

For those of you who want it all, this 120 minute, Full Island VIP Adventure Tour has it! Volcano, valleys, waterfalls and coastline!

View Tour » Mauna Loa Helicopter Tours Bigisland »

Waterfall Tour

Big Island is home to some of the most stunning waterfalls in all of Hawaii. This 75 minute tour is sure to blow you away.

View Tour » Mauna Loa Helicopter Tours Bigisland »


Stunning views of the city of Honolulu and Magic Island.

View Tour » Mauna Loa Helicopter Tours Oahu »

Dolphin Swim with Ocean Activities - Waianae

ECO-Power Catamaran with Climbing Wall, Big Floating Mat, SUP and Water slide. Dolphin Swim with Ocean Activities Is Most Popular tour In Oahu.

View Tour » Iruka Waikiki »