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Oahu Pro Photography Flight

Take the ultimate photo flight for the professional photographers visiting Oahu!

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Full Island VIP Tour

For those of you who want it all, this 120 minute, Full Island VIP Adventure Tour has it! Volcano, valleys, waterfalls and coastline!

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Waterfall Tour

Big Island is home to some of the most stunning waterfalls in all of Hawaii. This 75 minute tour is sure to blow you away.

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Stunning views of the city of Honolulu and Magic Island.

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Embarking on scenic, educational helicopter tours will quickly become your new favorite way to see the enchanting Hawaiian islands. People have described the experience as a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. It’s a venture filled with spectacular photo opportunities, combined with the wonders of nature viewed from a birds’ eye vantage point.

Imagine soaring over impressive majestic mountain peaks that reach to the sky, gliding over waterfalls, viewing native Hawaiian flora and fauna, and coming across breathtaking sights of rising smoke plumes from active volcanoes. Heli tours in Hawaii offer the best ways to see the lush rain forests, shimmering turquoise waters, glimmering sandy palm tree-lined beaches and deeply grooved valleys that the Hawaiian Islands are famous for.

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A Breathtaking Combination of Scenery and Famous Landmarks of Oahu

Oahu helicopter tours let visitors see incredible natural cliffs, waterfalls, geographically interesting landscape and colorful rainbows. They also provide fascinating chances to see visitor sites like the Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbor, the Battleship Missouri and Aloha Tower in a completely new way. Seeing the Pali lookout views and Nuuanu Valley from above opens one’s eyes to the majesty of these beautiful islands.

The North Shore of Oahu is fascinating for its farms and quaint, small towns perfectly punctuated with incredible mountains and surfing spots that are world-famous. From your incredible views high above the earth, you may find it hard to believe that Oahu is the most populated Hawaiian island. Your knowledgeable tour guide will give you interesting glimpses into the scenery and culture of Hawaii.


Interesting Facets of Helicopter Tours in Maui

Some of the most spectacular and unique scenery is found in Maui. From Haleakala Crater which resembles the surface of the moon, to the jagged and craggy ridges accented by deep valleys in the West Maui Mountains, you’ll thrill to the opportunities that helicopter tours give you for breathtaking panoramic photography. The Hana rain forest provides incredible waterfall views. You’ll see more waterfalls on neighboring Molokai, an island featuring the tallest sea cliffs in the world.

Many of the most breathtaking sights of Maui are accessible only by air, making heli tours in Hawaii your first choice to see these sights and to have these memory making experiences. You’ll acquire a deep appreciation for the island that is affectionately called “The Magic Isle” of the Hawaiian Island chain. Helicopter tours in Maui are your best way to have a professionally guided experience.

The Big Island of Hawaii and Hilo Give Visitors Impressive Sightseeing Opportunities

Embarking on helicopter tours in Hilo is the best way to see the island that has been dubbed the most impressive island to see by helicopter. The sights you’ll see range from surfaces that resemble lunar surfaces with black sand beaches and steaming, still active volcanoes to green and lush rain forests, breathtaking valleys and craggy ridged canyons. You’ll breathlessly anticipate soaring over Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and Kilauea Volcano.

Some of the most contradictory and disparate landscape on earth is found on the big island of Hawaii. It’s little wonder that helicopter tours in Hilo have become some of the most popular adventures on any visit to Hawaii. The spectacular waterfalls found on the Hamakua coast and towering sea cliffs round out the adventures you must have in Hawaii.



An Authentically Tropical Adventure is Discovered on Helicopter Tours in Kauai

Kauai is one of those magical places that visitors and even film makers have discovered that is filled with some of the most impressive scenery on earth. It seems as if the very definition of tropical might have been garnered by visiting Kauai. Lush and green, well over half of Kauai cannot even be accessed by car, making helicopter tours in Kauai the premiere way to see all the magic the island has to offer.

Waimea Canyon, also called the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, holds a special allure to visitors discovering the island of Kauai by helicopter. The brilliantly sculpted coastline of the Na Pali Coast eventually leads to awe-inspiring Hanalei Bay with its crystal blue waters. The Garden Isle of Kauai also gets some of its charm from green Mount Waialeale. With over 450 inches of rain every year, it has been called the wettest spot on earth. It’s also the second highest point on the island.

Discover Remote Spots of Hawaii on Helicopter Tours

Some of the most brilliantly beautiful, remote areas of the Hawaiian islands are discovered through the unique experience of exciting helicopter tours. The heart-pounding thrill of taking off in a helicopter to the farthest reaches of these captivating islands is often described as one of the most exclusive, rare experiences a person can have. It’s important to bring a camera along that is ready to take a lot of photos and is fully charged. You’ll want every photo you can get!