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Waikiki Turtle Snorkel- Seasonal Whales & Dolphin Watching

Step aboard and enjoy, ocean activity & turtle snorkel experience in front of Hawaii's most famous beach. Our three hour guided cruise to Diamond Head and Waikiki will capture your imagination and reveal many secrets of Oahu.

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OAHU Dolphin, Turtle & Reef Snorkel

Board Island Princess, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the West coast of O'ahu from the top. The top is also excellent to spot dolphins and whales. (Premium Tour-Best Ocean Conditions & Water Clarity) 7:30am Departure (Motor Coach Departs Waikiki 530-630am) (Aboard ISLAND PRINCESS) (Transportation Included)

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Create Long Lasting Memories That Makes Many Travellers Come Back.

Get Lost in the Adventure

Join us on a unique eco-tour to search for and swim with wild dolphins and view the wildlife of Hawaii! Our main focus is to protect and respect the Spinner Dolphins in their ocean home whilst providing our guests with an experience of a lifetime in a safe and unique environment.


Your Hawaii Experiences crew is always available to help facilitate whatever your needs may require. The fun and relaxation of a Wild Dolphin Snorkel vacation activity is something that is on most people’s bucket list!


Enjoy the Show

We have a fleet of great boats, that are safe and comfortable. We feel keeping the number of guests to a minimum makes swimming with dolphins more eco-oriented and respectful for the dolphins and a more intimate experience for our guests. Hawaii Experiences welcomes children and families.


These Dolphins return everyday* to interact with guests, introducing their families to our guests. Providing that special feeling and meaning of the ocean, love, and environment. For us, swimming with our wild Dolphin families and living in these incredibly beautiful islands, is a special and privileged way of life. We look forward to sharing this amazing lifestyle and history with those of you who choose to join us on your next visit to Hawaii.

Meet a Family of Dolphins

In the coast of Hawaii waters, spinner dolphins are seen almost daily. Dolphins are social animals, often living in families or pods up to a dozen sea creatures. They stay in Hawaii ocean year-round, spending a lot of time feeding and playing while some will even surface and swim beside our boats to grace us with their presence.


When we approach a pod of Dolphins, we slowly move up to the side of the pod to see what they are doing. We wait until it is the best time for the Dolphins to have us enter the water. If the Dolphin interacts with us right away, that is a wonderful thing.  We easily average much more time in the water than most dream of, as the water is so warm and healthy, and of course with all the excitement, and your new friends sensing this, they can deliver the experience of a lifetime. Dolphins in the wild, in a beautiful ocean, come live the dream today!

Hang Out at the Bottom of the Ocean

In our Dolphin excursions, there is absolutely no touching or feeding of the dolphins. The beauty of our trips is that they are wild, it is their home and we are the guests. We work hard to ensure that the dolphin life remains as untouched as possible by the human presence.


Even after years of swimming with these wonderful creatures we are still working to refine and improve the quality of our swims for the Dolphin and our guests. This has led to longer interactions both in and out of the water with all choices being made by the Dolphins. When the Dolphins have made the choice to join and interact with us it is a much more mellow, relaxed and longer interaction–we feel really blessed to be a part of it.