Ride the Kona’nia off the Kona coast on the Big Island of Hawaii and experience swimming with dolphins and more.

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One Of A Kind Tour: The Sunrise Dolphin Snorkel Experience

Ride the Kona’nia off the Kona coast on the Big Island of Hawaii, where you will enjoy a half day of water activities such as snorkeling, diving, and swimming with pods of 20-200 spinner dolphins. We also want you to experience paddle boarding. Enjoy the adventure of a lifetime off of Hawaii’s legendary calm ocean waters of the Kona coastline.

Join us on a unique eco-tour to search for wild spinner dolphins and view the wildlife of Hawaii! Our main focus is to protect and respect the Dolphins in their ocean home whilst providing our guests with an experience of a lifetime in a safe and unique environment.

Your Hawaii Experiences crew is always available to help facilitate whatever your needs may require. The fun and relaxation of a Wild Dolphin Snorkel vacation activity is something that is on most people’s bucket list!

We have a fleet of great boats, that are safe and comfortable. We feel keeping the number of guests to a minimum makes swimming with dolphins more eco-oriented and respectful for the dolphins and a more intimate experience for our guests. Hawaii Experiences welcomes children and families.

These Dolphins return everyday* to interact with guests, introducing their families to our guests. Providing that special feeling and meaning of the ocean, love, and environment. For us, swimming with our wild Dolphin families and living in these incredibly beautiful islands, is a special and privileged way of life. We look forward to sharing this amazing lifestyle and history with those of you who choose to join us on your next visit to Hawaii.

Richard C.

“Shane our guide and pick up person went out of his way on the way home to help us get pizza and even refused a tip. Both he and Natalie were just bursting with enthusiasm about all aspects of the Big Island as well as a multitude of information on the rays and safety of the dive. Equipment and the boat were great . The rays were a highlight of the trip gliding within an arms length.tumbling right under us in clear waters. Even the ride home along the shores was great. Thank you.”

Debbie T.

“My friend and I enjoyed a Dolphin experience with Iruka. She had not snorkelled before and was anxious. We both received excellent personal attention by the staff. My friend was assisted so that she also had a wonderful experience. All the staff on the boat were so helpful and caring and went above and beyond to ensure our comfort. I would certainly return again and again. Maybe next time I will do the Manta Ray Experience too.”

Angela B.

“This was our first family vacation to Hawaii as well as our first time snorkeling! We participated in a lot of activities while visiting over the week and this one by far was the highlight of our trip. At first I was scared, but once I was in the water and with the help of the fantastic crew it was so easy and a lot of fun. It was so exciting to see the Manta Rays up close and personal. Thank you so much for making our trip a memorable one.”

Seasonal Whale Watching!! (December-April) Transportation & Hotel Pickup from Big Island resort hotels is available! Hotel Pick-up at 7:10 AM-8:05 AM and Tour starts at 9:00 AM.

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