If there is one comment we hear from most of our guests it is simply, “It went by so fast!” In a sense, this is true because the Island of Kauai is a very vast and diverse place.

While we do our best to cover as much as we can in our Private Kauai Tour, it is impossible to really explore every inch of the island. Our Extended Private Island tour provides the luxury of 75 minutes of flight. This extra 15 minutes in the air allows for a more detailed exploration of the island, with extra time spent at each of the fantastic sites, and a specific focus on the amazing waterfalls. There is a two person minimum required at time of booking.

* No taxes and additional fees to be included.

  • Private Helicopter Tour – Only you and your guests
  • Guaranteed window seats
  • Experience all of Kauai’s major sites in 75 minutes of VIP Luxury.
  • Doors On / Off at no extra cost
  • Live Tour Commentary in English